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Our Team

Members of our firm are some of the nation’s top attorneys and include former senior congressional and federal executive branch officials, district attorneys, assistant attorneys general, judicial clerks, business executives and outstanding recent law school graduates. Interdisciplinary teams of seasoned litigators, corporate attorneys, and agency and legislative specialists can easily be assembled to provide the right blend of creativity, skill and experience to achieve our clients’ goals effectively and efficiently.



Photo of Aaron D. Sperbeck

Aaron D. Sperbeck

Photo of Adam W. Cook

Adam W. Cook

Photo of Brian V. Gerd

Brian V. Gerd

Photo of Carissa Siebeneck Anderson

Carissa Siebeneck Anderson

Photo of David Karl Gross

David Karl Gross

Photo of Elisabeth H. Ross

Elisabeth H. Ross

Photo of George R. Pitts

George R. Pitts

Photo of Holly C. Wells

Holly C. Wells

Photo of James H. Lister

James H. Lister

Photo of Jason M. Brandeis

Jason Brandeis

Photo of Jennifer C. Alexander

Jennifer C. Alexander

Photo of Jessica Spuhler

Jessica Spuhler

Photo of Jon M. DeVore

Jon M. DeVore


Joe Towslee

Photo of Kathryn A. Black

Kathryn A. Black

Photo of Kristy A. Garrett

Kristy A. Garrett

Photo of Mara E. Michaletz

Mara Michaletz

Photo of Matthew C. Widmer

Matthew C. Widmer

Photo of Michael J. Schwarz

Michael J. Schwarz

Photo of Michelle S. Nesbett

Michelle S. Nesbett

Photo of Sarah A. Badten

Sarah A. Badten

Photo of Suzanne Cherot

Suzanne Cherot

Photo of William H. Bittner

William H. Bittner

Photo of William A. Earnhart

William A. Earnhart

Photo of William P. Horn

William P. Horn

Photo of Zoe A. Eisberg

Zoe A. Eisberg



Photo of Bobbie J. Manson

Bobbie J. Manson

Photo of Cherise S.J. Chong

Cherise S.J. Chong