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Technology Law and Telecommunications

Few areas of the law evolve as rapidly as telecommunications, and few law firms can keep pace like Birch Horton Bittner & Cherot. Our preeminent communications law practice offers clients depth and breadth of expertise in state and federal telecommunications regulation and transactions developed over decades of practice.  Our expert attorneys guide clients in compliance with telecommunications regulations, as well as in the development of advocacy positions and strategies necessitated by rapidly changing telecommunications policies and politics.

BHBC’s attorneys represent a wide range of telecommunications interests, from competitive providers and incumbent local companies to internet providers and state public utilities commissions. BHBC’s Washington, D.C., office has extensive experience practicing before numerous state public utility commissions, the FCC, and various federal courts in telecommunications litigation. BHBC attorneys also work closely with individual members of Congress and their staffs as well as Congressional committees to augment advocacy before the FCC. We serve in a general counsel capacity as well, providing services such as contract review and compliance counseling, and we handle real estate and commercial transactions and related work.

Our attorneys have in-depth experience with federal and state telecommunications rules and procedures. We have helped clients attain rules and administrative decisions that furthered their interests in numerous tariff, ratemaking, certification, and rulemaking cases and achieved beneficial settlements in FCC and state complaint and enforcement proceedings. We have also successfully assisted clients in state and federal appellate litigation arising from administrative proceedings.

Understanding the Restrictions on Businesses and Individuals

Our attorneys have worked with clients of all shapes and sizes. This area of the law oversees both the public and private use of technology and telecommunication, and it is enforced on both the federal and state levels. From government entities to individuals and businesses, there are licensing and privacy restrictions, and international laws that deal with public security issues. BHBC stays up to date on the constantly changing laws in order to advocate for your best interests.

Our Team Advocates for You

Our attorneys will sit down with you and provide you advocacy you deserve. Together we can find the best possible solution for your company. To learn more about how we can help, contact lead attorneys Jim Lister and Lisa Ross or call our office at 907-802-2998 or fill out our contact form.