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Corporate Governance

Last updated on September 24, 2021

Birch Horton Bittner & Cherot attorneys routinely advise corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and other business entities on the law of business organization governance. Organizations that comply with the law create valid and enforceable actions and limit the individual liability of an organization’s shareholders, members, and limited partners. Our attorneys advise organizations and their directors, officers, managers, shareholders, members, and partners on various governance issues, including but not limited to proxy solicitation, conflicts of interest for directors and officers, and the conduct of meetings of directors, shareholders, and members. We have extensive experience in drafting buy-sell agreements, shareholder agreements, and all documents governing organization ownership and control. We are familiar with federal and state law requirements that are specific to the governance of Alaska Native corporations.

Throughout the last 40 years, we have represented financial institution lenders in both good and bad economic times. Our attorneys negotiate, draft and interpret all types of commercial loan documents, including loan commitments through loan and security agreements, deeds of trust, promissory notes, and escrow instructions. Financial institutions entering the Alaska market often seek guidance from Birch Horton Bittner & Cherot attorneys to establish operations that conform to Alaska law on lending practices, consumer protection, and creditor remedies. We also negotiate, draft, and interpret documents for loan restructurings and workouts as well as advise lenders on strategies to deal with defaulting borrowers and loan participants.


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