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Bad Faith Insurance Claim

Last updated on September 24, 2021

Just about everyone relies on insurance companies to protect them when there is a loss. The law in Alaska and every other state requires that everyone who drives a vehicle have some level of insurance. Therefore, we rely heavily on our insurance companies. In exchange, the law provides a heightened duty of care when it comes to the relationship between the insured and the insurer. This duty is often referred to as the implied-in-law covenant of good faith and fair dealing. It requires the insurer to treat the insured fairly. There is also a series of regulations called the Unfair Claims Handling Regulations that have very specific requirements regarding what an insurer can – and cannot – do. All of these laws are designed to protect the insured and to prevent the insurer from acting in an abusive manner.

Despite these legal requirements, too often an insurer will happily collect the premium payments, but then turn its back on you when a claim is presented. Some insurers will do whatever it takes to avoid having to pay a claim and some insurance adjusters are trained to pay as little as possible on a claim. Insurers have been known to act in an unfair and deceptive manner in the way they treat an insured who has presented a claim. If you are a victim of this abusive and improper behavior, you need the team of lawyers at Birch Horton Bittner & Cherot Personal Injury to help you. We know the laws and regulations and will fight to make sure the insurance companies are fair. We fight hard to force the insurer to pay you every dollar that is owed. We will be by your side and make sure you are treated fairly.


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