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Injury liability after an aviation accident can be complicated

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2023 | Personal Injury

For many, living and working in Alaska means a lot of air travel in commercial crafts and privately-owned planes. You may commute between Anchorage and outlying villages or towns in your employment, for example.

Most flights proceed without incident, but sometimes, something happens that causes airplanes to crash. Aviation accident injuries tend to be severe, often resulting in disabling injuries that require extensive medical care.

Aircraft accidents can occur for many reasons, from a human error to faulty engine parts. Finding all liable parties is essential to obtaining the injury compensation you deserve.

Manufacturer liability

Modern airplanes contain millions of individual parts. If a part is defective and fails to function, it could cause or contribute to an aircraft accident. In this way, a manufacturer of defective airplane parts may bear some or all responsibility for your harm. Injured victims can seek compensation from manufacturers if they can prove liability.

Owner liability

When aviation accidents happen because of pilot or airline company errors, you can look there to assign liability. For example, airlines that fail to maintain the fleet or hire qualified pilots may be responsible for issues during takeoff, flight or landing.

Shared liability

Sometimes, accident investigations find that several parties share liability between them. In such circumstances, it may be possible to obtain compensation from all of them, thereby ensuring you get every cent you are due.

In Alaska, air travel is just another part of life. When the airlines serving our communities fail to keep you safe from aircraft accident injuries, they should pay for their negligence. The steps you take now can result in compensation for your harm and empower you to hold all responsible accountable.