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Is that Alleged Construction Defect Really a Defect?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2021 | Uncategorized

Some construction defects are a bit easier to understand than others. A structural issue that makes the home unsafe could be the result of poor planning by the architect, for instance. 

Generally, though, customers who accuse your company of making an error are going to be referring to workmanship defects. They’re essentially saying that the building is not up to their standards because you made a mistake that deviates from the plans or otherwise provides a poor quality of craftsmanship. 

But is that really the case? Or is there something else to blame?

Did the Plans Reflect What the Client Wanted?

One question to ask is just how well the plans held up to the client’s expectations. There are plenty of cases where construction companies perfectly follow the plans that they were given and then the homeowners complain. They may dislike:

  • The paint colors that were used
  • The size of the rooms
  • The layout of the house
  • The materials that were installed

That may not be your company’s fault, though. If they simply picked a material that they thought they liked, but which actually wasn’t to their taste once it was installed, that doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. Your company is only bound to the plans and instructions that were provided. If customers change their minds or have ideas in mind that aren’t connected to the reality of the build, they may be unhappy even though you’ve done a flawless job. 

These disputes can get incredibly complicated, and it is important that you know what legal options you have to protect yourself from baseless claims.