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Are some kids more at risk for head injuries than others?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2021 | Personal Injury

It’s almost any parent’s worst nightmare to hear that their child might have a head injury. A variety of conditions, including concussions, skull fractures and brain damage, fall under the umbrella of head injuries.

Children often quickly bounce back after getting hurt. Your child’s ability to do so after a blow to the head, however, may vary depending on the severity of their condition

At what age are kids most apt to suffer head injuries?

Stanford Children’s Health contends that teens (particularly adolescent boys) are the one age group of children that’s most apt to suffer head injuries. Their research shows that the spring and summer are when teens suffer such injuries and that most of them occur while these kids are playing league or recreational sports. Concussions are the most common type of head injury among this population. 

What symptoms are consistent with head injuries?

Patients who suffer head injuries don’t often show immediate signs of impairment but may find that they emerge in the hours and days following the injury incident instead. 

Some of the earliest signs parents notice that lets them know that something is awry include:

  • Complaints that sounds or lights are bothering the child
  • Unusual and increasing irritability
  • Complaints about being confused
  • Fatigue that doesn’t seem appropriate
  • Headaches that don’t seem normal or increase

Symptoms commonly associated with more profound child head injuries include seizures, memory deficits, a loss of consciousness, nausea and slurred speech. 

Never try to play doctor when your child may have a head injury

Head injuries aren’t the type of medical ailment that you want to self-diagnose or treat at home. If you suspect a head injury has affected your child, take them to the emergency room or their doctor right away. 

A child who suffers a head injury may experience anything from temporary setbacks to more profound cognitive impairments that ultimately result in developmental delays or a long-term shift in their quality of life. Alaska law might allow you to recover compensation if someone else’s negligent actions resulted in your child getting hurt. A personal injury attorney can advise you whether that’s an option in your Anchorage case.