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Have you assessed your own driving?

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2021 | Personal Injury

As humans, it is easy to judge other people. It is easier to see a fault in someone else than to see the same flaw in ourselves. As drivers, we may be particularly guilty of this. Stuck in traffic or driving back home along the same route each day gives us plenty of opportunities to criticize what others are doing wrong. Yet, we may not realize we are guilty of some of these things ourselves.

Avoid these dangerous habits

Critically assessing your driving can help you stay safe on the roads. Here are some bad driving habits you might have picked up:

  • Using the phone: It can take a conscious effort not to use your phone while driving. Mobile phones have become such a part of our lives. Yet, doing so is vital. Even a hands-free phone causes considerable distraction. It takes your attention away from the road, slowing your ability to react to hazards.
  • Not signaling: Cars have turn signals, warning lights and brake lights for a reason. They make your intentions clear, giving other drivers a chance to react accordingly. If your lights are broken, or you forget to use them, you increase the chance another car crashes into you.
  • Going too fast: Speed limits exist to save lives. It can be tempting to ignore them when you are running late or the road is empty. However, any rise in speed can increase the severity of injury to you or another party in a crash.

By paying more attention to your driving, you increase the chances of avoiding a vehicle crash caused by another, less careful driver. However, if you are involved in a crash with a negligent or reckless driver, make sure you get the compensation you need for expenses and damages.