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Ally Law Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

On Behalf of | May 17, 2019 | Firm News

Written by  David Karl Gross

Ally Law is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2019. Ally Law is a global network of law firms that allows its member law firms to fully serve their clients in today’s expanding global economy.  Many of these firms have worked together for years and have established close knit relationships.  BHBC is proud to be the Ally Law representative for Alaska.  As an Ally Law member, we can use our global contacts within Ally’s network to provide our clients with assistance when they need legal help in another country or region.  Even if our clients do not have an international problem, having Ally Law partners in the Lower 48 gives us the ability to team-up with outside firms to deal with issues in other jurisdictions.   These long-standing relationships allow us to serve  our clients’ needs, and avoid the  aggravation and uncertainty of locating competent out-of-state or international counsel.

It is not enough to understand the law in a theoretical way.  To be effective, excellent legal skills must be balanced by practical business sense and knowledge about the sectors in which our clients operate. The firms of Ally Law — individually and together — pursue opportunities to enhance their knowledge of your industry. BHBC and our Ally Law partners have significant experience in the healthcare, energy, technology, retail, real estate, and leisure sectors and are noted for our skills in labor and employment, mergers and acquisitions and business litigation.  Our collaborative approach to the law enhances our ability to fully serve our clients.

The motto of Ally Law is: “We get it.  We get it done,” which captures the spirit of Ally’s global network.  BHBC, and all of the firms belonging to Ally Law, share the goal of working hard to understand our clients’ needs and what should be done to solve the issues they  face.  BHBC’s participation in Ally Law expands our reach and increases our ability to offer greater assistance to our clients.  If you are faced with a problem or issue outside of Alaska or the United States, please call BHBC.  We will use our connections within Ally Law to provide you with the resources you need in an economical and effective manner.

There is a reason why Ally Law has been in existence for 30 years and has grown significantly over that period of time.  It allows local firms to have an intra-jurisdictional and international reach that they would otherwise not enjoy.  BHBC is proud to be a part of Ally Law and is happy to celebrate its 30th anniversary with our member partners.