Jason Brandeis’ Article on Marijuana Law Published in Bar Association Journal

Alaska is one of few states that permits adults to purchase marijuana for medical or recreational use through a regulated commercial market.  But because marijuana is a prohibited controlled substance under federal law, this inconsistent legal status raises a number of issues for businesses, consumers, and government entities tasked with overseeing Alaska’s marijuana industry.

Birch Horton attorney Jason Brandeis has been working on Alaska marijuana law and policy issues for over 10 years and has written a number of articles on this topic. His most recent piece, discussing the impact of the 2016 election on Alaska’s marijuana legalization law, was recently published in the Alaska Bar Rag. The article came out just as the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer warned of “greater enforcement” of federal marijuana laws and Alaska Representative Don Young and Senator Lisa Murkowski began urging Congress and the Attorney General to respect state marijuana laws.

You can read Brandeis’ most recent article here.