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Can slips and falls cause severe injuries?

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2023 | Personal Injury

Slip-and-fall accidents could happen anywhere to anyone. Some occupations could be prone to slips and falls, such as warehousing jobs that involve significant heavy lifting. Most fall injuries are mild, requiring little to no medical care. However, others, such as seniors, have higher risks of sustaining severe fall injuries.

Around three million elders go to the emergency room annually for fall injuries. Also, about 800,000 patients require hospitalization for serious injuries, including head trauma or hip fractures. Seniors tend to suffer the most because of the health issues typical for their age. They tend to have more fragile bones and weaker legs, making slips and falls more dangerous. They might also experience complications from a fall accident because of their medication and other underlying health issues.

Additionally, one severe fall injury could financially cripple them. Fall injuries amounted to over $50 billion in medical expenses in 2015 alone. Their resources might not be enough to cover their treatments. Only 75% of the total received coverage from Medicare and Medicaid. Elders could have limited financial resources to pay out of pocket.

Preventing falls by removing risk factors

Seniors could have multiple risk factors due to their health, such as vitamin deficiency, poor vision, medication side effects and weakness. Elders and their family members could collaborate with relevant medical practitioners to help reduce these risks.

Additionally, they could assess the elder’s home and determine any potential obstructions that could cause slips and falls. Removing clutter and installing functional safety bars could prevent fall injuries. Still, seniors and their families might only implement these safety measures at home. Encountering slip-and-fall risks could be inevitable when going out in public.

Establishments could negligently expose others to unsafe conditions, such as slippery floors, obstructed walkways and poor facility maintenance. If they contributed to an elder’s slip-and-fall incident, the victim could pursue compensation for any damages by filing a claim.