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3 things employers in Alaska should know about wages

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2022 | Business Law

Employees in Alaska have an expectation of receiving suitable wages. The state has set the minimum wage for workers at $10.34 as of Jan. 1, 2021 – with a few exceptions.

One of the best things employers here can do is to determine exactly what they need to pay workers to remain in compliance with the law. Consider these important points:

1. Exceptions to minimum wage

There are several exceptions to the minimum wage. For example, people working in private homes and in the agricultural field aren’t covered under the rules regarding minimum wage. Student learners and those involved in certain nonprofit, religious or charitable organizations also aren’t required to receive minimum wage. School bus drivers are required to earn twice the minimum wage. 

2. Overtime basics

Businesses that have four or more employees must pay overtime as long as the workers aren’t excluded from overtime laws. Overtime is 1.5 times the person’s normal hourly rate for any time worked beyond 40 hours per week. Anyone who works more than eight hours in a day also qualifies for overtime for the hours after the eighth. 

3. Record-keeping requirements

All records related to payroll must be kept on file for at least three years. This includes records of hours worked, paychecks, and anything else that was based on hours worked. 

Making sure you’re paying workers their due wages is crucial. It’s possible for companies to face legal claims for failing to pay employees properly. Having someone you can turn to if you need to learn your options for these matters is important. Ultimately, your goal is to protect your business.