Management Labor Negotiations and Organizational Disputes

BHBC has extensive experience representing both public and private employers with unionized workforces. Labor laws are complex, often not intuitive, and affect many more aspects of the employment relationship than an employer sometimes realizes. We know that one-size-fits-all solutions do not work in labor relations. BHBC attorneys have negotiated numerous collective bargaining agreements in diverse industries ranging from energy to healthcare, and our attorneys have experience dealing with major labor organizations. We understand that approaches to labor relations need to be as varied and individualized as the industries that our clients occupy, and we take great care getting to know the particular issues that our clients face.

In addition to appearing at the bargaining table, we advise and represent employers in union organizing campaigns and in administrative proceedings, where an employer must navigate the myriad of rules and regulations affecting the employer’s response to union activity. Our expertise also includes the representation of public and private sector clients in federal and state court litigation for issues arising under federal and state anti-discrimination statutes and other regulations affecting the workplace.

BHBC’s experienced attorneys can assist you with all your labor law needs from the onset of organizational disputes to providing thorough and effective representation in handling labor arbitrations.