Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which a third party, the mediator, attempts to facilitate an agreed upon resolution. Mediations are often conducted at the order, direction, or urging of courts, and many court systems have established elaborate programs for making mediation accessible to litigants. Litigants and counsel also use privately conducted mediations to resolve cases. Over the last few decades, mediation has been accepted by parties, counsel, and courts as a principal means of resolving civil disputes that saves the parties from substantial financial expense and eliminates uncertainty in their litigation risk.

The lawyers at BHBC have represented clients in a full range of mediations over the years. We prepare for and present each aspect of the case that takes advantage of the benefits of mediation.Our lawyers have amassed broad experience with local mediators, and our litigators have the skills and knowledge needed to take full advantage of the mediations process, which often lead to successful resolutions while saving costs.