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With offices in Anchorage, Alaska and Washington, D.C., Birch Horton Bittner & Cherot has the expertise and experience of a national firm combined with the knowledge and understanding of Alaska’s unique legal issues.

Experienced Representation in a Varied Range of Civil Matters

Birch Horton Bittner & Cherot (BHBC) provides full-service legal representation in a diverse range of civil practice areas, including business and commercial law, bankruptcy, litigation, personal injury, health care law, government contracts, and natural resources and environmental law. Our clients include individuals, associations, coalitions, businesses, government entities and native-owned businesses throughout Alaska and in Washington, D.C. Regardless of the type of case, at BHBC, we strive to help our clients find the right solution for their unique situations.

The Right Blend of Creativity, Skill and Experience

Celebrating 50 years in 2021, BHBC has achieved impressive results for its broad base of clients in a multitude of legal matters. With diverse backgrounds, wide-ranging skills, and specialized knowledge and experience in a broad base of legal areas, our legal team is especially well-equipped to meet the legal needs of several types of clients. Our attorneys and staff work as a team to craft creative, yet effective, ways to help clients solve complex legal issues and meet their goals and objectives.

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